Future of Sport

The 2017 Canada Summer Games will create development of physical infrastructure, build community spirit, inspire pride, and generate national recognition. Winnipeg and Manitoba will benefit from physical legacies of facilities and equipment, along with human and cultural legacies. Economic impacts from the Sherbrooke 2013 Canada Summer Games were approximately $160 million.

The Sport Equipment Legacy program is a key piece in the future development of Manitoba’s athletes. The 2017 Canada Summer Games expect to purchase a variety of sport equipment, which will be passed on to local organizations at the conclusion of the Games. 

The Canada Games Sport for Life Centre will be the principal physical legacy of the Games. The new 124,000 square foot facility will include space for sport training and programs, recreational pursuits, and youth leadership development. It will support inner-city youth, families, community groups, sport associations, and long-term athlete development for years to come. 

The Catch The Spirit program will engage students from kindergarten to grade eight using five overarching themes:

  • Unifying Canada
  • Healthy Living and Sport
  • Official Languages
  • Arts and Culture
  • Goals and Leadership

This program can be used by individual teachers or adopted school-wide. Students will learn about the history and significance of the Canada Games in amateur sport and the elements that make the Canada Games unique: arts and culture, Official Languages and the integration of healthy living and sport in everyday life.